Basic Emergency Technician



This course is aimed at producing an Efficient Medical Resource in the field of Emergency Medical Services with the necessary knowledge, skill and attitude to manage effectively, a wide range of clinical problems in Emergencies.

During Pre Hospital Life Saving Emergencies, Timely provision of Medical Aid by such adequately Trained & Qualified personnel, can spell the difference between Life & death.

Considering the Dearth of such Well Trained & Qualified Technicians in this field, Diploma in Emergency Medical Services is formulated.

This course will make the learner to acquire Highly Demanding Skills and Competencies to work in the field of Pre hospital Emergency and Accident and Emergency Departments of Hospitals.

These Acquired Skills will not only equip them to assess and efficiently manage Medical and Trauma Emergencies but also will also make the learner to work as a team, handle stressful conditions and sharpen his/her decision making capabilities.

  • Eligibility 10th/Plus two (Any)
  • Duration 6 Months
  • University Tata Institute of Social Science
  • Fee 17,000/sem -OR- 2,835/monthly + exam fee 1,600

Job Opportunity

  • Emergency Medical Technician
  • Trauma Care Unit

Job Propagation

  • ICU assistant
  • Hospital Rescue Service
  • Self Employment