B. Voc. in Medical Lab Technology (B.Voc-MLT)



A graduate of B. Voc.in MLT is an all-rounder as far as technologies in a medical laboratory is concerned. The course envisages to build in an overall expertise in the student, of performing medical laboratory tests, whether it’s routine or special tests. These students would be capable of performing a range of tests such as those related to phlebotomy, clinical biochemistry, haematology, serology, cytogenetics, etc. Besides, skills related to lab management and ethics, biomedical waste disposal, personality development, effective communication skills, etc., would also be developed in them. The need for such professionals has been expressed by not only the healthcare industry employers, but also the consumers of this industry, i.e., patients. The course creates the grounds for enhancing vertical growth opportunities for the Medical Laboratory Technician graduate.

  • Eligibility 10th/Plus two (science)
  • Duration 3 year
  • University Tata Institute of Social Science
  • Fee 20,100/sem -OR- 3,350/monthly + sem exam fee 1,600

Job Opportunity

  • Lab Technician
  • Self Employment

Job Propagation

  • Head Technician of Pathology Dept.

Medical Laboratory Technologist or Technicians are allied healthcare professionals. Their main task is diagnosis of disease in patients referred to them by Doctors.
Diagnosis of the disease is the stage when MLT professionals come into play! In many cases, Doctors refer the patients to medical labs so that they may get tested and correct diagnosis can be made. MLT professionals, by testing samples of urine, blood, stool or other body tissues, makes the correct diagnosis and sends the report back to the Doctor.
At first, the role of a medical lab technician might seem simple and small. On looking closer, one will be able to realize how they play a crucial role in the treatment of patients. A correct diagnosis is the first step that will lead patients towards effective treatment. So, the task of medical lab technicians is very much important.

Career prospects and job opportunities

Depending upon one’s training and qualification, MLT professionals may work as technologists or technicians at medical laboratories. One may start off by working as technician. After gaining work experience, one may rise through the posts and even become lab manager! Some of the common job profiles available in front of graduates include-

  • Lab technician
  • Lab technologist
  • Lab supervisor
  • Lab manager
  • Lab assistant
  • Instructor/Tutor
  • Lab analyst

Medical labs are where MLT professionals can be seen in action. Government hospitals, private hospitals, clinics and nursing homes having medical labs are known to recruit medical technicians. Independent commercial medical labs and pathological labs are also known to recruit MLT professionals.